Why Dominican Republic Airport Transfers Are Important

If you are a visitor to the Dominican Republic, it is likely that the first person you meet here in the country will be the driver of your transfer from the airport to the destination of your choice. Though you will undoubtedly come into contact with plenty of friendly people in the airport, the driver will probably be the first person you talk to, and get to know a little. Sometimes selecting a company to drive you to your destination comes down to a matter of cost – the traveler goes with the cheapest company. But, there are several other important factors to consider when choosing a transportation company.

The first rule of transporting passengers is to arrive on time. When the passenger arrives after a long flight, the last thing they want to do is find themselves waiting in the airport, nervous that their driver is late and may never show up. Our drivers at Dominican Quest are always punctual. We don’t make excuses because we don’t have to.

The roads in the Dominican Republic are not developed like in many Western countries. Sure, the roads are paved, but the traffic patterns are much less refined. When driving passengers, chauffeurs must keep in mind that arriving to the destination is not the only goal, but also making sure that the client is comfortable is very important. This means driving in a safe manner, and being respectful of the client’s peace of mind.

Customer service should be the utmost concern of a transport company. Drivers should be professional, courteous, and punctual. They should put service to the customer first. These are some of the core principles of Dominican Quest.