Punta Cana Airport Transfers

Private Punta Airport Transfers with Dominican Quest
Are you arriving at the Punta Cana Airport? The popular Punta Cana airport (PUJ) is located just about 15 to 40 minutes away from most hotels in the Bavaro Area. Pre-book your private Punta Cana Airport Transfers to your hotel with Dominican Quest today and receive quality and reliable

New Highway between La Romana and Punta Cana Airport

Part of The Coral Highway has been inaugurated recently and is now open for traffic. A trip from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana is much more convenient as it only takes 3 hours instead of 4. Coming from the east, this new Highway bypasses Higuey and goes straight to

Prehistoric Beauty – Dominican Republic Caves

Dominican Republic is home to some of Caribbean’s most extensive cave structures. These caves are beautiful, are fun to explore and several of these also have artwork etched and painted on the walls by Taino Indians from 3,000 years back. The country has preserved several of these manmade and

Dominican Republic and the Dominoes

Dominoes is a very popular game throughout the Caribbean. It is an enjoyable but an intricate pastime which is a major way of line in Dominican Republic. From the elderly to the youth, dominoes can be heard slamming down on wooden tables specially carved for the game during all

An overview of culture

There’s no place quite like the Dominican Republic. That’s because its history is the result of an unlikely mixture of influences; nowhere else will you find a blending of European, African, and native Ta’no Indian cultures. These distinct cultures still drive the social identity of the people today. Every

Punta Cana Airport Transfers

Our day to day life often makes us stressed and that is exactly when we need a break from our daily routine schedule. Travelling often helps in combating the day to day stress life offers us. Punta Cana can surely be of destination of your choice to say good